The officers of the Association are listed below. (Note – the numbers indicate a note below the table)

YearAGM VenueChairVice-ChairSecretaryTreasurer
2016YorkPeter Barrett [18]John Ebo [11]Jan Lugg [20]Andy Swinburne [17]
2015PoolePeter Barrett [18]John Ebo [11]Barrie Ferguson [16]Andy Swinburne [17]
2014CanterburyPeter Barrett [18]Peter Barrett [18]Sue Blakeley [19]Andy Swinburne [17]
2013NottinghamBarrie Ferguson [16]Peter Barrett [18]Sue Blakeley [19]Andy Swinburne [17]
2012GloucesterBarrie Ferguson [16]Peter Barrett [18]Sue Blakeley [19]Andy Swinburne [17]
2011NewcastleBarrie Ferguson [16]Don Twigg [13]Sylvia Briggs [15]Andy Swinburne [17]
2010LincolnDouglas Gomm [12]Patrick Vaughn [14]Sylvia Briggs [15]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2009ChesterDouglas Gomm [12]Don Twigg [13]John Reay [9]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2008LichfieldDouglas Gomm [12]Don Twigg [13]John Reay [9]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2007Haverford-westDouglas Gomm [12]Don Twigg [13]John Reay [9]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2006NorwichDouglas Gomm [12]Don Twigg [13]John Reay [9]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2005BerwickDouglas Gomm [12]Don Twigg [13]John Reay [9]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2004OxfordDouglas Gomm [12]Don Twigg [13]John Reay [9]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2003SouthamptonDouglas Gomm [12]Don Twigg [13]John Reay [9]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2002CarmarthenDouglas Gomm [12]Don Twigg [13]John Reay [9]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2001YorkDouglas Gomm [12]VacantAlan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
2000PooleBrian Marshall [10]John Reay [9]John Ebo [11]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1999CanterburyBrian Marshall [10]John Reay [9]John Ebo [11]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1998NottinghamBrian Marshall [10]John Reay [9]John Ebo [11]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1997GloucesterRandolph Meech [6]John Reay [9]Alan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1996LincolnRandolph Meech [6]John Reay [9]Alan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1995Haverford-westRandolph Meech [6]John Reay [9]Alan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1994LichfieldRandolph Meech [6]John Reay [9]Alan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1993ChesterRandolph Meech [6]John Reay [9]Alan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1992NorwichLila Cooper [4]Randolph Meech [6]Alan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1991BerwickLila Cooper [4]Randolph Meech [6]Alan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1990OxfordLila Cooper [4]Randolph Meech [6]Alan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1989SouthamptonLila Cooper [4]Randolph Meech [6]Alan Troughton [8]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1988CarmarthenLila Cooper [4]Michael Bartram [2]Randolph Meech [6]Agnes Dunbar [7]
1987YorkAndrew Gravells [1]Michael Bartram [2]Gordon Williams [5]Lila Cooper [4]
1986PooleAndrew Gravells [1]Michael Bartram [2]Gordon Williams [5]Lila Cooper [4]
1985CanterburyAndrew Gravells [1]Michael Bartram [2]Tom Steele [3]Lila Cooper [4]


NoNameCity / TownYear as Sheriff   
1Andrew GravellsGloucester1984 . . .
2Michael BartramYork1985
3Tom SteeleCanterbury1985
4Lila CooperNorwich
5Gordon WilliamsGloucester
6Randolph MeechPoole
7Agnes DunbarCarmarthen1986
8Alan TroughtonGloucester
9John ReayBerwick upon Tweed1989
10Brian MarshallNottingham1988
11John EboChester1994
12Douglas GommCanterbury1987
13Don TwiggHaverfordwest1990
14Patrick VaughnLincoln1996
15Sylvia BriggsNottingham1996
16Barrie FergusonYork2000
17Andy SwinburneBerwick upon Tweed2010
18Peter BarrettLichfield1996
19Sue BlakeleyGloucester2003
20Jan LuggGloucester2007