Sheriffs of Nottingham

Table of Sheriffs since the foundation of the NACTSEW.
2019Cllr Patience Idefdiora
2018Cllr Catharine Arnold
2017Glyn Jenkins
2016Jackie Morris
2015Mohammed Saghir
2014Jackie Morris
2013Ian Malcolm
2012Merlita Bryan
2011Ian Malcolm
2010Penny Griggs
2009Leon Unczur
2008Brian Grocock
2007Jeannie Packer
2006Jeannie Packer
2005Derek Cresswell
2004Derek Cresswell
2003John Hartshorne
2002Ali Asghar
2001Joan Casson
2000John Hartshorne
1999Mike Whittal
1998Chris Gibson
1997Anthony Robinson
1996Malcolm Wood / Sylvia Briggs
1995Roy Greensmith
1994Ron McIntosh
1993Anthony F Robinson
1992Brent Charlesworth
1991Shaukat Khan
1990Alfred T Stone
1989Anthony F Robinson
1988Brian Marshall
1987Royce You
1986Barrie Parker
1985Thomas V Harby
1984Frank Dennett