Sheriff GJK

Graham was invited to become the Sheriff of Lincoln by his good friend of 25 years, Andy Kerry, when he became Mayor of Lincoln in May 2015.

Graham is an Army child who joined the Army himself at the tender age of 16, becoming an Apprentice in R.E.M.E. After 20 years of repairing radios and electronic equipment, he was made redundant.

He then joined an offshoot of Vodafone making mobile phones. The company was taken over by Ericsson who, 5 years later, moved their operations overseas and made all staff redundant. Graham then became a Contractor repairing control equipment for locomotives such as the Class 60 which tow much of the coal and heavy goods over the rail network.

Subsequently, Graham has been acting as a carer for his wife, Gill (the Sheriffs’ Lady) who has had both Hip Joints and a knee replaced under surgery.

Both Graham and Gill have enjoyed themselves in office and have made many new friends.