Highlights from past AGMs

  1. The founder of NACTSEW, Andrew Gravells, was declared Life President at the AGM in Carmarthen, in 1988.
  2. Randolf Meech and Alan Troughton were declared Honorary Vice-Presidents for Life at the 1999 AGM in Canterbury. (No more than four Honorary Vice Presidents may hold office simultaneously.) Agnes Dunbar was elected Honorary Vice President for Life in 2006 in Norwich.
  3. John Reay was elected as Honorary Vice-President for Life in Lincoln in 2010
    Douglas Gomm was declared Honorary Vice President for Life in Gloucester in 2012.
  4. The constitution of the Association was changed in Newcastle in 2011 to limit the term of office of Chairman to one of three years.

Recalling the decisions of the Association…

  • The minutes of the AGMs record that the Association has been alert to any changes in the role of city or town Sheriff considered by local authorities, and to encourage those which considered reinstating the role.
  • Since the inauguration of the Association, an invitation was issued to the Sheriffs in London, who have not joined, while Newcastle has done so, the office of Sheriff having been restored in 1997. Worcester and Bristol have allowed the office of Sheriff to lapse. In the case of Nottingham the Sheriff would attend the AGM as part of Civic Duties. In 2013 Hull reinstated the role of Sheriff, and the Association looks forward to welcoming the Sheriff in office at a future date.
  • The AGMs record decisions regarding subscriptions, the dress codes for different events during the Weekend Celebrations, classes of membership, the production of twice yearly newsletters for members, a website, issues regarding the financing of events, and the choice of a Hymn to be sung at the annual church service ( “Ye who know the Lord is Gracious” ).
  • In addition, arrangements have been made for the production of ties and badges.